Exercise n.38,39 and 40 Beyer op.101- Lesson n.28

Going on with new exercises: the 38th, the 39th and the 40th follow  37’s footsteps. The hands must be positioned in the same way of exercise n.37,  with both hands on the  5  notes from G to  D awith the distance of an octave.Hands must not move from this position.

The only relevant difficulty  is learning to read new notes and hand moving. The execution of C, for example, depended upon the first finger of the right hand (in the previous exercises untill the 31st) and the fifth of the left; now we have to use the fourth finger of the right hand and the second  finger of the left.It is important to spend some time to  play the right notes with the right fingers. My advice is to play with separated hands trying hard to use the left hand , whose actions usually are more complex. The technique is the same, there won’t be evolutions. At the contrary, the moderato makes it confortable .

Listen to them, I will post the videos as soon as I can !

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