Exercise # 7 (4 hands) Beyer Op. 101 – Lesson n. 13

The exercise number 7 from Beyer provides a piece’s execution with four hands, in which the student only moves between the five fingers (we’ve talked about this in the previous posts). As we can see, you have four semiminims for every beat (we are in 4/4). Initially we should execute the same notes with both the hands, at the distance of one octave each other. The exercise changes in the fifth beat, in which the left is holding down the C and the right is playing the notes C, E, F, E (with third’s intervals) for going in the sixth beat, on C. Now is the right hand that remains firm while the left is playing the same notes that the right hand had performed in the previous beat. The penultimate beat shows a particularity: the left and the right hands are playing C, E, F, C in the same moment, but the first note is skipped by the right hand, that it stops for the duration of a movement (see the pause).

Follow the video and you will see how is pretty simple doing this! Good job!

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