Eco-disco – Clean energy in the discothèque!

If the dance-floor is your regular destination in your nights fevers, be aware that your sweat may not be wasted anymore! If the tendency to build discos supplying power with energy coming from people dancing inside will go on  to be widespread, we will have clubs lit by customers movements in Italy too. In fact, trampling on the dance-floor, people produce enough energy in order to power the club and to give back music and lights. The first auto-powered discothèque has been projected in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands; it is the “Off Corso” and it has already been working for two years. As the technicians say, the floor uses a crystal system, producing energy through pressure and movements; later, the same energy is stored into a battery providing power to the whole club. Besides, the more you run wild, the more intense become the lights and higher the music volume. There are already several projects adapting the same system to other environments. The same study projecting that discothèque, the “Döll – Atelier voor Bouwkunst” in Rotterdam, is thinking of using a similar floor in some stations of the Tube, in London, but this time working by hydraulics pressure. A few gyms too are stocking this economic and virtuous technology; the clean energy produced this way is zero cost.

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