“Donne” (Women) – Zucchero – Piano sheet music

http://www.viareggino.com/public/news_foto/200806211359210.jpgBest known in Italy as “Zucchero” and as “Sugar” abroad, Adelmo Fornaciari is an Italian singer, singer-songwriter and musician. His debut on Italian stage dates back to 1982 with his taking part to Sanremo’s Italian Music Festival; in 1985, within his fourth participation to the aforesaid music festival, he proposed a piece which would have led him to success: “Donne” (Women). The song was harshly criticized by the jury, but it obtained a widespread success by the audience.

Which of you does remember it? “Donne tu-tu-du, in cerca di guai…” I know, I’m tone-deaf…but you could make better with friends and relatives. I didn’t manage to find an arrangement for two hands, but only notes with chords. Come on! A little bit willingness and you can do it!

Click here to download this song piano sheet music.

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