“Distant” – poem/ “Twilight” by Vanessa Carlton – Piano Sheet Music


Merely to you,


I would compare

the beautiful scent

of black and dense must.

I would adorn

your bright arms

with pungent

red grapes-juice.

But don’t touch her:

excellent is her race,

her fragile involucre

is tinged of a purple blue.

You are like

golden grape,

sweet swinging

in its gay circle

of perfect character,

love universe.

Don’t twine

into pain

bitter shoots,

too much unripe

would be your hell.

Red auburn tinged petals

part from my heart

and go down,

to make

bitterness beats


Desire is

inside the

red-hot arrow

running fast,

hitting the dream shield

protecting me:

please, come into

this soft thought.


you will find me.


DISTANTI (Italia Version)

E a te solamente,



l’ottimo profumo

del mosto

nero e denso.

Ornerei le tue



col succo di una

rossa uva


Ma non la toccare:


è la sua razza,

d’un blu


e tinto è

il suo sensibile


Sei come

acino dorato,

dolce dondolio

nel suo gioioso cerchio

di segno perfetto,



Non ti avvolgere

nei tralci aspri

del dolore,

troppo acerbe


le tue pene.

Petali rossi

tinti di rame

si staccano

dal mio cuore

e scendono giù,

a far fiorire battiti



è nella freccia


che corre veloce,

colpendo lo scudo

di sogno

che mi protegge:

entra in questo

soffice pensiero.

mi troverai.


Will be a young vampire able to save his life love with only his strength?

This is one of the famous summons of Twilight, the first and delighted literary success by Stephanie Meyer, published in the USA in 2005 and in Italy in 2006. Hearing on all sides about this novel, and always full of  positive opinions, I haven’t had the good (or bad) luck to read it yet. Here’s a very brief plot: Beauty, a 17 years old maiden just arrived in a small town, in the state of Washington, to live with her father, finds very attractive a mysterious and wan classmate, actually the youngest exponent of a vampire family. This will be the beginning of an adventurous and complicated love story.

As you can imagine, the novel is completely addressed to a young target. The soundtrack of the video is “Twilight”, by Vanessa Carlton. Here’s the link to download the score: sclick here!

By this poem, I tried to take the state of mind of those who would like to make their love carried out, but they know that’s impossible, that it’s against every possible way!

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