Debussy-Moonlight (Piano score)

One of the most important symbol of the Romanticism, Moonlight is, on the other hand, one of the melodies most used in all that kind of love-romatic-honey movies, the soul that becomes pure music. Claude Debussy, surely , got lots of girls thanks to this composition!It would not have been unlikely to happen!! the beauty of Moonlight lies in the nice tension that it creates.Each note needs the following and so on, and so on, among silence, passion, love, sadness, soul food. It reminds to me the reflection of the moon on the surface of the lake at night, when the wind plays sweetly with the water and the colours, the stars fly through the shadows.

But the trip, like life, is too short, and what remains is only moondust.

download  Moonlight (chiaro di Luna) by  Debussy here

download version for piano and clarinet


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