Corpse Bride piano duet – Danny Elfman – Piano sheet music

Corpse Bride is a cartoon directed by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson in 2005. It is a full-length film made by stop-motion technique, almost a stylistic sequel of  “Nightmare before Christmas”. Victor and Victoria are fiancés, but during the marriage promise ceremony the bridegroom to be is disastrous to say the least. After running away, he finds himself going over his marriage promise in the village cemetery. However, when he puts the wedding ring to the ending of what he believed as a tree branch, there he finds himself married to Emily, a beautiful corpse bride.

I will leave rising your curiosity to make you see the rest of the movie, but I would like to focus on a particular scene, commonly named “piano duet” during which Victor and the corpse bride play a very romantic and tender piece.

I have obviously found its piano sheet music Are you ready? Click to download for free

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  1. fernando
    fernando says:

    toco PIANO a 3anod tenho 11anos e adorpo essa musica e quero essa partitura!!!!!
    soi fã de noiva cadaver

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