Coldplay is not only Viva la Vida, their last work. They are a world famous band and they have managed to reach the success  enchanting millions of fans: It all began in november 1999.
There was a debut album to complete and all the passion and the dreams of a new hopeful band that spent  the new Year’s Day to write the last words of 2 songs: “Yellow” ed “Everything’s Not Lost”.
The first single  was “Shiver”,released in march 2000, that “won” the 35th position in the British charts. At the same time the band started to be object of interest by MTV.
Some months later,in June, the first tour started  and “Yellow” came out.The song gained the  4th position in Great Britain and was the real goal of the band.
Unfortunately, the album, Parachutes, released in july 2000, was not critically  acclaimed because of the clear similarities of the band’s sound with Radiohead style. BUT…..even though, according to the marketing sector album’s sales would have been around 40.000 items,  they reached 1,6 mln. only in Great Britain!!
Once conquered Europe, Coldplay were ready to sail for the USA.
Coldpaly were invited to many famous american talk shows like: Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Conan O’Brien e The Late Show with David Letterman (probably the craziest and the most original)…

Talking about Yellow: it’s not just a metaphor of love..the girl the singer loves is described through the beauty of the stars… there is another interpratation, more melancholic and pessimistic… the yellow is the colour of the skin..the colour of the disease the woman suffers from… she’s anorexic.. and the song is a symbol of the fight against this bad nightmare.

The videoclip was filmed close to  Swanage, in England, a famous place for its beautiful beach.

You can find here the  piano sheet of the song and, here, the link for the video.

Last year  Coldplay was accused of having copied the instrumental part of their new success VIva la Vida from the famous american guitarhero Joe Satriani.
At Grammy Award 2009 Coldplay confirm their greatness winning 3 awards: year’s song, best rock album and best  live pop group performance.

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