“Viva la Vida” – Coldplay (with tutorial for piano) free sheet music

On June 13, in 2008 was released thelast cd of the Coldplay called “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends”. From the start was first in a lot of charts in all the world, and this is confirming the unstoppable success of this band. The album takes its name from Frida Kahlo’s phrase, that painted eight days before her dead a picture, that is exactly Viva la Vida. And the single, is obviously Viva la Vida, in my opinion one of the few catchy songs in this album. To all the fans of Coldplay I suggest this song, you can enchant friends and acquaintances…

Download for free the Viva la Vida’s sheet here

Watch the original video
Coldplay Viva la Vida ( Official Music Video )
Uploaded by smallvillejojo974.
The execution of reey1234, our dear utent who i’m saying thank you:

Leonardo’s tutorial:

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  1. Guiseppe Paolo
    Guiseppe Paolo says:

    Thanks Bill, I am from Mexico (8 years old) and appreciate all the material here from my favourite music!

  2. luiz
    luiz says:

    great tutorial – viva la vida.
    I tryed to open the pianosheet and could not.
    I am from brasil and love to learn with you.

  3. Diogo
    Diogo says:

    Veio mesmo a calhar. Os coldplay são a minha vida banda favorita.
    E como toco piano tento aprende-las todas. Tava mesmo à procura dessa depois de procura a Paradise. Gostava que a publicasses tambem.

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