Coldplay – The scientist (Piano score)

I have an alternative interpretation for this song…

Do you remmeber the video of  The Scientist (by Coldplay)? Chris Martin rewinds part of his life untill to the moment of his girlfriend’s death, in an accident. His auto crashes against a tir, a short moment of distracction and..death…..

Most of the people would think it’s a metaphor of the wish to get to the lost love. A love that is able to win everything, stronger than the passion a scientist has for his numbers.

On the contrary, I think it’s a kind of come-back to nature. To the wild and raw past.The world, because of the progress, has been raped and destroyed more and more times (like a sad and morbid love relationship). But now, thorugh a slow and difficult path, the scientist (the human being) could change and make amends for what he has done…. coming back to the origins.

Havig said all these romantic ideas and intuitions… here you are the piano arrangement for this beatiful song. you can freely download it from here

From a technical point of view it’s really easy.Chords with the left hand, the melody with right. You can do it!!

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