Chucho Valdes- a jazz pianist you must know!!

He is one of the first pianist I fell in love with, his name is Chucho Valdes, son of Bebo Valdes. He was born in Cuba in 1941 and started playing the piano at the age of 3. At 5 he went to piano lessons with Oscar Munhoz Boufartique, and, when he was 8, he began his path into the conservatory. He will end his studies at the age of 14. He will get a role into his father’s orchestra and, shortly he will become of the 5 most famous jazz pianists in the world along with Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock e Chick Corea14 nominations and  5 Grammy awards, these are his numbers to become a jazz legend!!. His music follows afrocuban rhythms in an explosive mixture of passion, feelings and freedom in a technical perfection.

Here it is the duet between Valdes and his father, the piece is called:
“La comparsa”

another video, the performance of  “Calle 51”. pure technical perfection!

Valdes, his talent, his genius, will need thousands and thousands words to describe it better…. look for him on the web, youtube, deezer… Have a nice listening!!

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