Chopin, “Raindrop Prelude” no.15 Op.28

Today I want to suggest a piace that make us dreaming. This is the prelude no.15 Op.26 by Chopin, in db major, also called “Raindrop prelude”. Why this name?

Because this piece have a note, the Ab obstinated that is everywhere, like the G sharp, a continuous beat that remember the falling of a raindrop.


in the first part we have the high frequencies of the Ab, that we have to play with great delicacy:

This is a “benevolent Ab” as explain the teacher Modugno in “Raccontare Chopin”, by Corrado Augias. The G sharp instead is called “malevolent G sharp”.


Here the download of the sheet music:

The download is about the whole opera no.28, you have to see the prelude number 15.

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