Cesi-Marciano Lesson N.1

Cesi-Marciano no.1

One of the most important piano books for beginners, alongside the Beyer, is the Cesi-Marciano (vol.I). While studying the Beyer you learn the technique, with the Cesi-Marciano you learn all the other essential capabilities, such as interpretation.

Every Tuesday will be dedicated to a new exercise from the Cesi Marciano. I hope that will be helpful…!

Theme and variation M. Clementi

This piece is very simple, there isn’t much to say, the right hand plays on 5 notes for the whole piece, and in the second part of the piece you just move your hand a note below to find the correct fingering.
The left hand accompanies with quarter notes.


Phrasing is a very important part of a piece, but in this case, there aren’t specific phrases. The left hand plays always legato notes, while the right has to disengage after each phrase.

The third system starts the variation of the theme, where the left hand “ties” the quarter notes through eighth.


The piece is to be played all in mf.

Have a good work!

To download the score click Here

Buon lavoro!

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