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Cesi – Marciano Lesson N.8

Arietta – M. Clementi

Here is the eighth song from Cesi-Marciano. The song is composed by our great Italian composer Muzio Clementi and is in C major with a tempo of 2/4. The speed of the song is a “Allegretto“.


The piece is rich in phrasing but poor in dynamics, therefore the latter loses precedence over phrasing. In the video you can see well when to remove the hand, keeping near you both the sheet music and the video.

The left hand plays always “legato” except when there are pauses, while the right hand has frequently “portamento” and phrasing slurs. We could say that with every beat, the right hand must be raised.


The dynamic has always a great importance in a song, but in this one, it is rather negligible since it is almost non-existent. The piece then, with the exception of some beats, should be played with a soft timbre.
There are no other peculiarities…

Good study ..!

Download the piano sheet Here

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