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Cesi-Marciano Lesson N.5

ALLEGRETTO – Antonio Diabelli

Download the piano sheet Here

The tempo of the score is quite fast, it’s an Allegretto, which has metronome variation that ranges from 150 to 180.. So it’s very fast.


Throughout all the duration of the theme,the right hand doesn’t raise from the piano. It must be raised only at 1/8 pause.In other words, right hand is raisend only during the pauses, the rest is always legato.

In opposite, left hand plays double notes at the beginning. Here the lower one is maintened for all the duration of the beat. On the contrary, the higher note (E) leans upon an other note (F). For the left hand is fundamental to respect the legato in order to give a sense to right hand.


The piece is in 6/8. It means that each beat is composed of six octaves that are divided into 2 units 1/4 with a point each (3 octaves). In this way we fing the accent on the first and the fourth movements of the beat.

The Allegretto begins with p(piano) , and in the fourth  beat (right Hand), We find the   C# legato with  D. This is a slur,so the first note must be slightly stronger of the other. To the end of the composition, the theme is taken up, this time with an f(forte) that announces the brilliant conclusion.

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