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Cesi- Marciano Lesson N.2

Aria W.A. Mozart

This song is very famous but, at the same time, simple. There aren’t any major technical difficulties, the important thing is to observe the dynamics, phrasing, and notes.

The right hand plays on 5 notes, while the left hand has a slightly wider range. The left hand, indeed, plays almost always half notes and, in the second line, thirds and fourths. These notes were not randomly chosen,  Mozart gave them a specific purpose. In fact, while you play those notes with the left hand, you have to think of playing horns, as those notes spaced by a fourth are actually typical of horns, and that is precisely the effect that the little Mozart wanted to achieve.


The theme consists of 2 quavers, followed by 4 repeated crotchets. The first 3 notes are legato, while the remaining 3 crotchets are repeated. The beat number 8 follows this notation: 2 quavers and a quarter note, 2 quavers and a quarter.
After each movement, raise your hand from the piano because the “phrase” is concluded.


The piece begins with “mf“(mezzo forte) and comes without ASC. and without hairpins to a “f“(forte) at the beat number 6. In the second part of the piece, it goes back to “mf” and again to “f” 6 beats later.

Download the piano sheet  Here

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