C Jam Blues – Piano sheet music (transcription)

Last May, at the end of  the piano workshop at Siena Jazz, the professor proposed me a piece to play at the school concert: C Jam Blues. Composed by Duke Ellinghton back in 1942, about 70 years ago, it could seem a little bit dated piece. It is a Jazz evergreen standard instead: every time you play it, you discover new aspects, new sides of a piece still having many things to tell. In fact, each different interpretation adds a colour to this piece and it’s just like this it grows and changes through the time.

I was proposed to play Petrucciani’s version, maybe the best ever. The piece is extremely fast, difficult if not impossible to execute. I wouldn’t discourage you, but Petrucciani is a monster able to grind notes after notes which, I’d like to remember, were thought in the lapse of few moments, out of an extemporization snapshot creation.

Me, I haven’t been able to play it at 140 bpm and I dare every one do it . But, with a reduced speed, everything becomes more accessible so that you can enjoy it…

Enjoy is just the right word for an interpretation like this: download it here

listen to it

Slow version

Original version video

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