Bruno Martino’s Estate – Sheet Music

Bruno Martino

Bruno Martino

Which of you left his heart in one of those “beautiful sunsets” in the summer? Love, in this season, becomes an essential element, ready to bloom unexpected in the warmth of the sun. Its memories are evoked by lights, colors, sounds of this marvellous atmosphere. Only a lost love would make us remember that season with melancholy and sadness. That’s exactly what Bruno Martino‘ song is speaking about. “Summer,” a deep hate, appeased only by the coming of the snow, the only one able to “cover all things.” The song, written in 1960 by singer-composer Bruno Martino, together with co-author Bruno Brighetti, has never scaled the top of the charts. Despite this fact it became the only jazz classic made in italy. After being published and interpreted in Brazil by João Gilberto, in fact, the song became a jazz standard over the years, one of the few Italian songs succeeded in entering into the repertoire of jazz musicians from all over the world. There isn’t a pianobar or a night club where this song has never been performed, and the incisions are numerous

Listen to it:

Song Text (english translation):

Estate (Summer)

Sei calda come i baci che ho perduto (You are hot like kisses I have lost)

Sei piena di un amore che è passato (You are full of love passed by)

E il cuore mio vorrebbe cancellare (That my heart would like to erase)

Odio l’estate (I hate summer)

Il sole che ogni giorno ci scaldava (Sun that warmed us everyday)

Che splendidi tramonti dipingeva (Such brilliant sunsets draw)

Adesso brucia solo con furor (Now it burns alone furiously)

Tornerà un altro inverno (Another winter will come back)

Cadranno mille petali di rose (Thousand petals of roses will fall down)

La neve coprirà tutte le cose (The snow will cover everything)

E forse un po’ di pace tornerà (And perhaps a little peace will return)

Odio l’estate (I hate summer)

Che ha dato il suo profumo ad ogni fiore (Who gave her scent to every flower)

The summer that created our love (L’estate che ha creato il nostro amore)

To make me die of pain (Per farmi poi morire di dolore)

I hate summer (Odio l’estate)

I hate summer (Odio l’estate)

“Estate”Lyrics by Bruno Martino

Spartito di Estate di Bruno Martino

The score is drawn from the real book of jazz. In order to be able to play it, a good knowledge of the chords and possibly a deep knowledge of the rhythms of jazz and bossanova are needed. Probably you will not yet be able to play it, but I would still like to show you how, from a simple score of few notes and chords, it is possible for a good pianist to create and harmonize a piece, making it unique and fascinating. Then, probably you did not know this song! Watch the video on youtube, it’s worth seeing!

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  1. carole

    Love that song…you played it so beautifully

    I play the organ and wanted to see if I
    could find the music. Thank you!!!!!

  2. Ronald Soccoli

    I love this song and am playing a
    Hal Leonard version in F major. I
    have a MAC running OS10.5, can
    you send me your version compatible
    with a MAC???

    Thanks – Ron Soccoli (paison)

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