Brief introductione: Alice Bon and her poems

Hello everybody!

It should be that I introduce myself, as I’m starting from today a little column: it will be a poetry column updated on Sundays every two weeks. Each post will deal with one of my poems and below them you will find a piece (obviously for piano!) always matching to verses. Anyway, my name is Alice Bon, I’m 19 and I attend university at Faculty of Arts in Verona … I have been studying piano for 8 years and now I’m going on practising by myself, getting scores online and hoping to restart attending some courses as soon as possible.

My greatest passion is poetry and I do feel to thank her for each emotion she makes me feel and passes me everyday, both reading and creating her. It has been since several years that I started taking part in many contests which always went off well. So, thanks to Bill, who gave me the possibility to post here, and to my willingness to “make poetry” not only for me but for everyone, I now decide to update this already excellent website with something mine: waves of poetry I hope they could somehow sweeten a bad day, always surrounded by piano notes.

And so…let’s get it started!

I wish everyone a good reading and a good listening

Alice Bon

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