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Bob Marley – No Woman, no cry (piano sheet music)

Fixing on the monitor and then raising up my eyes to see it’s dark outside is not so rewarding, above all if, after four hours spent surfing, the Net have left you only a chronology full of useless links and a poor-in-scores folder on the pc. Irritation grows, clambers up the back till it breaks out in a shout to the poor Mom, who’s a clever clogs. Poor woman, hurrying now here, then there, like a satellite revolving around so many planets, which, through their force of gravity, try to attract her to exploit her quality of generous and unselfish person. Inside this mess, it would take something to re-establish the balance of senses.Oh yeah, one of those half-meter long joints, as you see them in documentaries. How those Rasta are happy, with their dinghy-shaped eyes and their dulled and non-synchronized smile! They are happy and…quiet. Who knows how would it be to smoke one of those joints together with one’s own mother…with the old Bob Marley as a musical background? Yes, just Bob Marley, the most famous reggae singer and composer, the one who has been talked about more than 25 years now from his death. In my raving of imagination, on the background, there was No Woman No cry, his first single sanctioning the Jamaican artist world-wide in 1975. What a please to listen, what a pleasure to play. How? Thanks to its score, an arrangement available here.

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