Bob Dylan-Blowin’ in the wind (piano sheet)

joan_baez_bob_dylan.jpgA song can change the world, write something immortal on your soul or, be forgotten within a season. This one, by Bob Dylan, is a masterwork and everytime we listen to it, we are overthrowned by a river of doubts, thoughts, sweetness, and intensity. Questions made of wind, light and deep tones touch our hearts and cosciences.
Perhaps you don’t completely  know the story and the context in which this song was composed, but, you will see, after having tasted this song, you will want to know more and more about the greatness of Bob Dylan.

Blowin’ in the Wind is a pacifist song written by Dylan in 1962 and published the year after in the album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. This song is considered the manifesto, one of the hymns of the youth  that wanted to protest and fight against  the fearful system of Cold War, and the bloody USA military operations in  Vietnam.
When Dylan wrote down these words, he was a young songwriter, a ballad singer, from a little mining suburb in Minnesota. He had still to walk a long road to become the famous myth of counterculture questioning about old fashioned rules and stereotypes of american tradition.

Three stanzas are suffienct to tall about sociality and psychology: the human condition and its impossibility to avoid any form of war or violent action.

Across the time this song has been covered and transformed in several ways:the most exciting, in my opinion, is that created by  Alanis Morisette. An italian version was provided by Mogol.

Here you can download the piano sheet.

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