Beyer Preparatory School of Piano op.101

Reading the tipical program for piano’s studyes sure you’ve noticed the name’s method presence “Beyer, preparatory school for piano’s studies op.101”. As many of you already know, this represents one of the most recognized methods for starting to study the piano. It takes his creator’s name, Ferdinand Beyer, german musician and composer (July 25, 1803 – May 14, 1863).

His method starts from basical theoretical elements (staff, treble clef and F clef, intervals, musicals values, values’s division, breaks, points etc…) as an introduction to two book’s parts summed at “in the 5 fingers’s exercises” (ex.1-64) and “exercises with passage of thumb” in the most known tones (ex.65-106).

The book ends with the appendices, technical exercises that should be studied in this course of method and the 24 scales (mayors and minors).

Next Okpiano’s obiective will be to illustrate step by step the method with video, audio and online material, trying to give you the bases for learning the piano.

I suggest you to buy the book.

Otherwise it is aviable on-line the english and german versions of this book.

  Beyer scuola preparatoria allo studio del pianoforte op.101 (5.4 MiB, 5,115 hits)

The last possibility is given by download the book from the website http://digilander.libero.it/musicadop/beyer.html, but you’ll should add the falling parts, such as theoretical parts, with the articoles I’ll write about it.

The choise is yours! See you soon for the firsts exercises…

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