Baywatch’s theme sheet music

Sometimes, on the beach, I witnessed prodigious rescues. But, except for that time the lifeguard rescued me with the excuse of a jellyfish, leaving my friend offshore in monster’s power, I never had such a blissful vision of bay-watches as the one recalled by the successful serial TV Bay-Watch. One of the main characters, the buxom blond-girl (that is Pamela Anderson), expressed the best of herself during those slow-motion runs, where to speak was not her voice at all. Everybody was blinded at her, and I think that was her luck: the 99% of the audience consisted of men and the 1% of lesbians. Joking apart, they were “rescue stories, dealing with many social topics and many problems about young and adult people; in particular, they tell the lives of some bay-watches engaged in watching Los Angeles bays at Will Rogers Beach at first and, subsequently, at Hawaii”.

Besides the buxom blond-girl, do you remember the tune? Well, one of our users asked us for it and we thought to make it available.

Download here the score for free

The video:

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