Bach and beer: a new idea to stay together

Bach and beer, who would have thought it? This is the new idea come up with by Mr. Magoo, a pub set in Molise, southern Italy, with the aim of getting young people closer  to the famous German composer music. Through harpsichord, violin and cello concerts, they are trying to tell “Bach’s story in the lightest way; through oddities and anecdotes, we can grasp his humanity, in order to feel him closer and find out, in his music, a modern and immediate language to create emotions. Maybe anyone doesn’t know Bach was the composer of Zimmermann Café, directing the “Collegium Musicum”, a little orchestra made up of  the students from the University of Lipsia. But the next best thing is that Bach’s first salaries were paid by a beer tax! So, beer and alcoholics are not so dangerous every time…a good Weiss and a little group of friends and the two voices variations will sound divine music to your ears!  (Official news Link)

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