Astor Piazzolla – Libertango sheet

Ástor Piazzolla (1921-1992) was one of the most famous argentinian musicians and composers of all the 1900. Called El Gran Ástor or El Gato, for his cunning and guile, he was one of the stylistic reformers of argentine tango. So, like anyone respected innovator, his countrymen gave him a good welcome, but he was always considereted a controversial figure.

The song i want to offer to you is “Libertango”, a passionate and immersive tango that captured the imagination of milions of people; i’m sure this song will also capture your sensible souls. In my opinion, is like seduction in music.

The video:

Maybe is missing you a woman for dancing this piece together, but if you have two hands and a piano you’ll get a lot of emotions.

Here is the libertango’s sheet for piano , this wonderful piece… Download it for free.

  Astor Piazzolla - Libertango (unknown, 31,444 hits)

Ps: I’ve found some sheets for piano-violin duets and for a lot of instruments like guitar, flute, clarinet and quintet. Write me a comment in this post if you are interested to one of them.

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  1. Danylo
    Danylo says:

    Hey there! This is a beautiful piece. Could you please send me the piano solo? The link up there is for Piazzolla’s Angel. Thanks!

  2. Clarinet girl
    Clarinet girl says:

    I wonder if you have found a version for a quintet or for clarinet?
    If you have, could you please send it to me?

  3. Lissa
    Lissa says:


    i’m playing this on the violin for my exam, but I really neer the chords to give to my pianist. Could you sent them to me? That would be amazing! Great site!

  4. sam
    sam says:

    does it have any direct link to download the original solo piano version of libertango?
    I couldn’t find that!

  5. Kiran sethi
    Kiran sethi says:

    Would love to get the sheet music for piano and guitar. Realise this is quite an old post but here’s hoping

  6. Mimi
    Mimi says:

    Can I get libertango sheet for violin and piano? I’ve been looking that all over and couldn’t find any yet.

  7. Hyunkyung Lee
    Hyunkyung Lee says:

    May i please get a sheet music for clarinet and paino duet? My friend and I are trying to do it but i cannot find any.

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