Amy Mac Donald- This is the Life (piano sheet)

Close your eyes, free your mind.

It’s the only way to appreciate this song. Its joyfull vibratiosn and the beautiful voice of Amy.

Born nearby  Glasgow, since child, Amy liked to sing and listen to music. When she was 12 began to approach the world of music because of her passion for Fran  Healy, singer of Travis; it was the beginning. She took up playing guitar by herself. After few years she was given the opportunity to take part in some events in the arena of Glasgow. She played her original songs and some cover, like REM’s Everybody Hurts.These shows gave her the pass to organize performances  in the  Starbuck’s Coffeehouses in Glasgow and Edimburgo.

Her debut album, This is the Life, was released on 30th july  2007 and reached the  2nd position in the British charts, thanks to the single This is the life.

Here you are  the piano sheets , and right below the video

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