Ampmode: serio-comic guide to YouTube musical clone

Caution! This article is for technology and web Antichrists only.

Are you not so skilled in free-sharing websites for music, movies, videos and so on?

MySpace and Facebook sound knotty and uselessly stressful during surfing?

E-mule holds up every time Berlusconi tells a lie?

Dear readers,

if you have answered at least one of these questions, then…cheer up! As the immortal Mike Bongiorno would say, from today on you won’t have problems anymore, at least about music sharing. No more bother your hacker friend (everybody has one) to look for Rihanna’s last single hit or the album you like the most. Well, from today on there is AmpMode, a brand-new website along the lines of YouTube, much easier to surf and able to help the most awkwards.



Its home page has a fast and simple design: coming up in the middle, you will find a search engine to which you can ask for any group or song you wish; up on the right side, with black big block capitals, you will find the login area or help in case of necessity. Next to the engine you will find the access to the account to login. From the top to the bottom::

settings to search for mp3 files or lyrics;

access to your playlist giving you access to login;

recent chronology;

a very funny list of the most constant downloaders of the website

the chance to link the research to other websites only if clicked by a hacker language list. 

At last, on the bottom, under the search engine, there is another way to create a new account or to login, if you are already registered; there is a link to Digg and Stumble upon websites, and, eventually, an icon opening Share This, a tool useful to contact your friends, via e-mail too.

Another very good news is that this is not like YouTube, where, in order to download something, you are supposed to have lots of programmes only your hacker friends know installed on your computer: look for, click on download and…even if not registered, the song is yours…First try and then trust

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