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Uto Ughi’s declarations about Giovanni Allevi and the strong answer of the latter to the critics have had a great impact on classical music world. Many people expressed their point of view. With regard to this, I have found a good article from quotidiano.it, which could help to reflect upon this question. At the end of the article I put some videos,taken from the “End of Year”  concert at the italian Senate, where Giovanni Allevi was conductor and performer.

here it is Tiziano Capocasa’s  article:

Giovanni Allevi: genius, the Mozart  of the 21st century or just a bluff, only a media phenomenon?

While Uto Ughi’s controversy  is flaring up in the web,among die hard  fans and merciless defamers, we have gathered some comments from exponents of classical music: famous names  that collaborated with Giovanni Allevi but that judge Allevi without reserve.

Lorenzo Di Bella,pianist, from  Civitanova,  “Horowitz” award in 2005, takes no  position:”Surely Allevi’s music doesn’t have such creativity to be compared to Mozart, Brahms or Beethoven” and adds “Allevi’s phenomenon is the consequence of a closed concert scenary, monopolized by few figures. If he was forced to find his way with music he did well”. As artistic director of concert season “Civitanova Classica” he invitated Allevi to teatro Rossini probably paying no attention to other people’s criticism .

But he replys: “It’s the hype of the moment!! on the other hand,  Civitanova Classica has always givena chance to many young talents and project even pop music concerts!”.

The world-famous saxofonist Federico Mondelci says: ” his music (Allevi’s) is not classical music, neither cultured”. And so? “It’s enough to look at the swiss site that sells his cds. Catchy songs that are linked to the classical music but mixed up with pop and jazz elements. Perfect melodies, pastimes”.

Stefano Biosa, a musicologist, president of  Brescia’s documentation centre  “Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli” agrees with Mondelci . “To give a complete judgement about Allevi as a pianist, it is important to listen to him when he is performing a song by classical authors.As conductor he is inexistent.

Allevi, as a composer,is modest: his music,  “the new contemporary classical music”is not “classical” neither “new”: is diluted music, catchy but simple; On one hand it is influenced by some simplified atmospheres à la  Keith Jarrett in the 70’s, by Michael Nyman and other minimalist authors. It’s good as soundtrack for some tv serial or entrance halls. His success is  due to a good marketing strategy. Allievi’s  directorship for the Christmas concert in Senate was unbelievable”.

Sulla stessa lunghezza d’onda the famous music critic Alberto Barbadoro, director of Amici della Musica in Ancona,  “score reading” teacher at the conservatory Rossini in Pesaro. “Allevi’s music is banal and really boring. No research, no evolution is behind his songs. He could not be compared with the giants of the 20th century: Sostakovic, Ligeti with regard to musical innovation and quality. His music is just a way of entertainment like Schlacks, Clayderman, it’s good as a romantic soundtrack”.

In the Marche there are many young and excellent composers like  Paolo Marzocchi( he’s even a pianist) from Pesaro. He has composed more than 20 operas,the most recent one “L’Albero (the tree)” ,for  orchestra and chorus,is about the birth of music and it makes use of a video which has proved to be very effective, especially with a young audience . Bluntly :”Allevi’s thought could be considered philosophy in the same way his music could be considered classical music”. And about the Marche’hymn : ” It’s the bad copy of a serial soundtrack.It’s similar to Orgoglio’s motif”.

Even the orchestrals were stunned at the moment to perform “marcetta bossa/nova” .

With a nearly similar vision, Fabio Tiberi, aristic director of  Form: Fondazione Orchestra Regionale delle Marche ( Regional Orchestra of Marche Foundation). “the hymn  has nothing to share with the musical tradition of our land. Allevi, ,in any case,  found his path and his success is out of discussion”. On the other hand it is better to ignore Allevi as conductor at the Senate, even though he chose to perform Puccini.

Michele Mariotti,young and talented conductor from Pesaro,  director of the municipal theatre of Bologna,skates over with elegance. On the eve of the debut with  “Puritani” by Donizetti,he  affirms that:” you can’t turn yourself into a conductor. I conducted the Form in front of President Napolitano at the Muse in Ancona (compositions byRossini and Spontini) while Allevi was performing his music, a different genre of music”.

Alessio Vlad, conductor, composer and artistic director of Teatro delle Muse in Ancona, invited  Allevi and Ughi to perform some concerts when  he was artistic director of Teatro San Carlo in Naples. He underlined the fact that the names were in two different billboards: “Allevi’s was in that one reserved to new generation musicians”. He prefers not to take part in the discussion and affirms that :” there’s space for everyone,  as long as there is humility and honesty towards  music and respect for the audience”.

Finally there are the declarations by Cecilia Chailly issued on the pages of “Corriere della Sera”.She’s  arpist, composer and comes from a family of great musicians: “Allevi is a superficial, enjoyable marketing event. In this sense he’s perfect to represent what an age needs, not to think not to look inwards”.06/01/2009

And now the videos of the performance that caused all this mess, the end of year concert at the Senate:

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