Allevi – No Concept (piano sheet music), you hate him or you love him. There are no compromises.

Throughout Europe and all over the world, Allevi has been claimed has a Jazz revelation, a brand-new talent. The greatest magazines have dealt about him, praising and maybe a bit padding him out. Maybe, through their words, they have enlarged Allevi’s abilities. He is considered as a great musician, but, as my music masters state, he makes up pieces as difficult as the fourth year conservatoire exercises. Envious Jazz players? Maybe. Conservatoire accountant, our friend Elizabeth says you cannot even brush a piece by Allevi after only three-four years study!

I can assure you as I’m an accounted musician that, after the conservatoire fourth year, hardly you are able to go over the fourth page from an Allevi’s score! Harder it is if we only name the piece “Ossessione”, part of the score here attached. It requires an extraordinary technical ability to make it well-interpreted, as well as other pieces of his, such as “Ciprea” and “Prendimi” , both not so easy to play.”

Talent or not a talent? This is a still open question! But so many of my friends they love him, they play him, and maybe here is the real success. A worldwide audience appreciation is the real victory, over every word by a magazine or a critical professor.

Published in 2005 by Ricordi records, “No concept”, Allevi’s third album, is a very complex work, born in a very particular social and cultural context as the one of Harlem, New York City. For those who didn’t do it yet, listen to it!

And, for those who love him, here is the score, No Concept Click here to download it for free

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