Advices for those starting to study the piano in mature age

Hi everyone I am Chris, new writer of Okpiano. It is my desire to let you know how I approached music, to help those who want to start the study of piano in old age . Initially I took my wife’s books (Bayer Op.101 and Hanon the virtuoso pianist), as she studied piano at high school year ’77 ).

At the same time, visiting a small market, I found a book on sale, called “ Course for piano playing without having to know the music of Cesare Regazzoni “. I bought it and read it all in one breath, starting to run its first lessons about correct position to play, fingering and exercises for independence of fingers of the right hand first and then left.

Subsequently, the passion increasing, I enrolled in a music school in evening: it was year 2003 and my first real teacher was Prof. Laura Signorelli , who got a diploma in piano. With her I studied for three years and she was very good because she encouraged me despite the major difficulties considered my age next to 50 years (I was 45 years old). She tought me even to play pieces outside the program ( Bach, Scott Joplin, Duvernoy and others) .

I was very happy discovering that an architect could be melodic: Bach ! He, along with other great composers, have left us a big number of songs, a pricelessheritage that we can continue to play having fun, enjoying. In my personal view, we should thank composers as true protagonists of music.

Now let’s list problems I found approaching the study of piano and let’s try, if possible, to give you some helpful advice to overcome them.

a) First, notes identification. Practice to recognize notes to play.

b) Second, find the right time, beat after beat. It is important to count out loud until piece is performed correctly and we are surely playing in time.

c) 3rd biggest problem my teacher used to tell me was about security had to recognize fingering and tranquility of performance. I mistakenly added with pencil most numbers of fingers in the books, my teacher imposed me to get over this obstacle. It is to find the right balance between recognition of the notes anticipating reading, immediately identifying fingering and then never lose sight of the fingers position on the keyboard.

I felt like a man who just got car license going out for the first time to the city, being careful, changing direction arrows, setting lights and windshield wipers in case of rain etc., etc.. Today I can add that, thanks to the patience of Prof. Monari along with Julius and their passion for music, I even manage to enjoy myself, and believe me when I say this a 48 years old man (next to the 50 ) who is learning without any talent, full of passion…how I’d likek to approach to music when I was still a child!

Soon I will share with you my toughts about this last point, relationship between parents, children and music and in general about talent, in order to understand what really it is!

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