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Video Us and Them

Please, make me a favour.
Before you read this post, watch the video and let you feel relaxed and loved by the cheerful colours of this song.

No words can explain, it’s a classical problem with peope like Pink Floyd. Oh God! It seems like the music comes out from the pc  to hug you like a sweet wind..
Us And Them is a song by the British prog band Pink Floyd from their famous album of 1973 The Dark Side of the Moon.
Lyrics are by Roger Waters and the music by Richard Wright.

The words are a proclaim against all wars of all times. It deals with those conflicts in poor third world countries where children and “new” slaves die without reason, while fat generals give orders, live and let die..

It’s a long song, and, even though it is rock, it has a slow rhythm: long organ chords melt up with a soft acoustic guitar and the piano to create the image of a peaceful place. We are all hypnotized!!
After the instrumental opening, Gilmour’s voice  begins to sing among long pauses.
This quiet situation comes to an end at the moment of the refrain  ( a great merit to the guitar that paints a distorted sense of tension).From this moment the notes become higher…
The piano solo by Richard Wright introduces  Dick Parry  and his immortal sax solo (my favourite in all Pink Floyd discography!!).
At the end of the song the last sad words “For the want of the price of tea and a slice The old man died” .

According to you, What does these words mean??

Perhaps… that a tea or a slice cost a human life?? Do we have breakfast “thanks” to the death of poor people?’

I would like to know your personal opinion… 😉

In the meanwhile…Here you can download the piano sheet.

“Us and them, and in the end we’re only ordinary man.”
White , Black,  where is the difference?

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