J. S. Bach – “Poem on the piano” – Prelude no.1 Bwv 846


J. S. Bach

 Isolated and misunderstood by that time culture, J. S. Bach had the possibility to watch deeply in his soul and to find the highest inspiration in religious faith. So he made out masterpieces as prelude and fugue no.1 BWV 846 from the “Well-tempered Harpsichord” first book, score which arose in me a strong emotion, its melody compared with a romantic poem with a seesaw timbre just as our feeling are. It affected me so much that I felt moved for every single note. Thoroughly executed, the piece should be a six year study, but I dig my heels in and I did wanted to face it only after two years study! Everybody knows, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Unfortunately with my master little disappointment…because although it is medium difficulty piece it’s really easy to make execution mistakes.

What do you think about testing yourselves and your sensibilities on this piece by my only great master Bach? click here to download its score for free.

This is the best execution by “Glenn Gould”, watch the video!




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