International Music Score Library Project

What is IMSLP?

The International Music Score Library Project is a project that aims to create an on-line library of all the sheet musicof public domain and the sheet music of all the musicians of the world who wish to share their music with all the world. For public domain sheet music we mean all those sheet music which have no more copyright. Infact 70 years after the death of an author, all his works become public domain, no more covered by any copyright , in other words they have not an owner.




The site in fact wants to make these works available and downloadable.If we reflect,the most part of classical music has been composed more than 70 years ago, so this enormous legacy , thanks to IMSLP, will be accesible to millions of people .  The site was closed on October 13, 2007 for the failure of the observance of the copyright of some composers who had died less than 70 years ago. But it was finally reopened from a mounth for the delight of thousands, perhaps millions of pianists.The importance of this project has prompted me to write this post, so that those who still do not know this site can drop in on it.The site is :

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