10 transcriptions by Petrucciani

http://www.jazzitalia.net/recensioni/Immagini/petrucciani.jpgWe have already told about Petrucciani with regards to the transcription of C Jam Blues.

The transcriptions, you should know, are something vital and crucial for jazzists, because they are very useful to understand and assimilate other musicians’ styles and improve, enrich ours. In my opinion they are of the utmost importance, a source of creativity.

Listening to a concert, could be a good alternative, but transcriptions, with all the notes written down by the authors are too…. perfect?

Surfing the net I found out an interesting book, apparently free from copyright, and with  10   transcriptions by Petrucciani: Sahara, She did again, La Champagne, Brazilian Suite, Looking Up, Memories of paris, Bite, Lullaby, Miles Davis’ Licks e Rachid.

Only greatm melancholic, genial blues.


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