“Tristram” piano sheet music – Theme from Diablo

http://www.diablo-movie.com/diablo-movie.jpgDon’t tell me you have never played Diablo! Don’t tell you have never played one of the most famous and fascinating games breeding millions of fans scattered all over the world…!

Well, if you didn’t, you surely missed hours on end of fun, but also you saved hours or years of mental derangement! Sure, not only for its revolutionary artwork and the excellent playability, but also for its fantastic soundtrack, which manages to carry away the player inside the game charming atmospheres.

Among the various melodies, there is one in particular standing out, composed by Matt Uelmen, Blizzard soundtracks official composer: it is a piece for two guitars which accompanies the player through one of the most “crowded” places in the game, Tristram.

Nice piece, isn’t it?

Max Loh (www.maxloh.com), young pianist, decided to get down to turn the original piece for two guitars into a piano arrangement. And he did it!

Waiting for the last chapter release, Diablo 3, why don’t you   download for free the score and allow yourself the luxury of recreate these magical atmospheres at your own home?

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