“The Entertainer” sheet music by Scott Joplin

Scott Joplin
Scott Joplin

Scott Joplin was an excellent piano player and one of the first black composer acknowledged. He created and constantly improved ragtime, which he dedicated all his musical life to. He was the author of several works of this genre, among which the most famous today are The Entertainer, Maple leaf rag and Magnetic rag, which became very popular and widely circulated, above all thanks to the first paper roll players. He created himself dozens, piercing them by hand. Among the pieces listed above, The Entertainer reached most popularity. In fact this piece was used as the soundtrack of the popular movie “The Sting”.

Guys, I hope my brief post has arouse interest in you towards this melody. I would like to give you the possibility to download its piano sheet music: Click here to download “The Entertainer” sheet music.

Watch here the performance:


P.S: Ciro will be glad to reply on any oddity about this piece!.

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