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“Souvenir” poem / “Maybe” by Yiruma – piano sheet music


Every time was a smelly

scent of roses, of red

poppy turned to your blue sky,

that’s always mine.

You are far away

And I resign my self

And I can’t breathe Love’s wind

And the shooting star

Is burning my span,

after having held it

as if it were your sweet souvenir

of salted wave

coming and see me.

SOUVENIR (Italian Version)

Ogni volta era una fragranza

odorosa di rose, di papavero

rosso rivolto al tuo azzurro

cielo, ch’è sempre il mio.

Sei lontano

e io non ho pace

e non respiro il fiato dell’ Amore

e la stella cadente brucia

il mio palmo, dopo

averla stretta come fosse il dolce

tuo souvenir d’ onda salata,

a farmi visita.

No Astor Piazzolla, no tango and no Spanish-like milongas this time: in this sweet and pleasant pre-Easter atmosphere, I spend more time at the piano than every where else.

I’m trying to take pleasure playing sweet and joy ful songs according to the festive air and I want you to do the same …so I’m posting a really sweet music score by Yiruma, entitled “Maybe”!

Who’s Yiruma?

Yiruma is a South-Korean pianist, known all over the world and whose albums are sold all over Asia, Europe and part of USA… maybe he could result known to you for composing “river flows in you”, that nice lullaby have been bewitching (and still does) young and less young budding pianists. Maybe, thanks to him, many people found out to be fond of piano, because his music was easily understood, far from that “classical” sometimes scaring and moving away from music unskilled musicians.

Here is the music score “Maybe” by YirumaDownload it for free

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