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“Non è Francesca” – by Lucio Battisti (piano arrangement)

Here we show you a piano arrangement of “Non è Francesca”, the famous song by Lucio Battisti, a well-known Italian singer-songwriter, come out in 1969 with its 5th hit single, together with “Un’avventura”, another famous song of his. The piece was proposed at Sanremo Italian music Festival during that same year and ranked 9th. In my opinion, it should have deserved a better placement and I’m not the only one having this opinion.

On YouTube there’s a brief interview of Lucio Battisti and his execution of Non è Francesca. Watch it!

The score of the arrangement is to be found following the link http://www.mediafire.com/?mfmetj6ph3b

Let’s thank Mercuzio once again for his transcription and for all those we will sponge off him.

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  1. Franchesca
    Franchesca says:

    Dear Bill,

    Hello, my name is Franchesca. I heard the song Non è Francesca by Lucio Battisti on youtube.com several days ago. The music is very beautiful; however, I neither speak nor understand Italian. When I tried to find translations and additional information about it, I came across your webpage. I am hoping that you would translate the lyrics and tell me the meaning behind the song.

    Thank you,

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