“La solitudine” by Laura Pausini (piano sheet music)

Tonight I was like a stove. Only fried eggs were missing. What a pity! I would have had a two ‘o clock ‘a.m. snack with great pleasure. Instead, I stayed in bad raving as a mad when the fever touched 39°C. I woke up completely sweaty, not being able to understand if I was living a nightmare or not. The only, strong sensation I felt that moment was loneliness. Just like that one of Laura Pausini; to her, for the love slipped out of her hands , to Marco and to me, due to Australian fever. The sensation is the same, the fear of remaining alone in this too much big and complicated universe. Ok, right, stop with nonsense, here is the score of your favourite singers’ song.

Download here “La solitudine” by Laura Pausini (piano sheet music)

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