“I fix you” – Coldplay – piano sheet music

Also today the rain has awaken my a little bit dull senses after the umpteenth alcohol and fat-based dinner. But, the lasagne I took out from my mythical “Delonghi” mini-oven do deserved a standing ovation. As soon as I tell her, my grandma will be so proud of me. So, I have become a little bit heavy, but proud of ending my dinner with a Veronese cake stuffed with lemon liqueur cream.. Nothing’s better.

We could have invited Coldplay to our table too, they say Chris is yummy with lemon liqueur. Then He would put himself to the keyboard and play a piece better than the one I tried to. What can I say, maybe “I fix you”, a bit of melancholy mixed up with warm-heartedness.

He remembers it by heart, we need this score instead… download it here for free

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