“Ancient Flavour” poem / “Tears in Heaven” score – Eric Clapton


By night

I feel a dim ancient flavour

of a secular hearth,


as the red-hot cup

petting your streaked lips,

blossoms of a snowy meadowland.

I smell a warm

burnt crust,

bitter between our mouths

open in the embrace

with tenderness sealing them up.

She wears a bodice of silken

strings and twines, by night…

she doesn’t want to be in the shadows

of the one closing the doors;

she has the face of who

is offering the gift of a

sunset ripped between

white trail snakes

which in the baptism day

bound the sky up

with your name.

 Night is

the sting of basil

in the anguished memories gardens,

is bitter chicory

is a drop of wine

in its noblest virtue,

is that kiss given

 at the light of its deferent dignity;

that kiss,

eternal cruet

of ancient passion



SAPORE D’ANTICO (Italian Version)

La sera

ha un vago sapor d’antico,

di profano focolare


come la coppa infuocata che

a te

accarezza le labbra


boccioli di innevata prateria.

Ha un sentore di calda

crosta bruciata,


tra le nostre bocche


nell’abbraccio che

di tenerezza le sigilla.

Porta un corpetto di lacci

e fili di seta, la sera…

non vuol essere ombra di

colui che chiude le porte;

ha il viso

di chi offre il dono

di un tramonto


tra serpenti di bianca scia

che nel giorno

del battesimo

hanno fasciato il cielo

con il tuo nome.

La sera

è il pizzico del basilico

negli orti


dei ricordi, è radicchio

amaro e goccia

di vino nella sua virtù

nobile, è quel bacio

scambiato al bagliore

della sua



quel bacio,

ampolla perpetua

d’antico sapore

di passione.



“Tears in Heaven” is a sweet, sweet ballad by Eric Clapton (British guitarist, singer and composer, probably one of the best known and most important blues guitarists). Brought out in 1992, the song is dedicated to the tragic death of his son Connor he had with the Italian showgirl Lory del Santo. The little boy died at the tender age of 4, in 1991, falling down from the 53rd floor of a building in New York, where he was with his mother guest at some friends’ place.

The sweetness shining through these notes, represents the calm despair and forbearance in front of the episode of a child went away too soon and of whom the only thing remaining is the hope to see him in Heaven, unchanged through the time and able to remember the name of his father who lived with him only for 4 years. Just like the melancholy and homesickness in the autumn nights peeping out early…you would like to immortalize them in their strange ancient flavour…sweet as a kiss, ancient love seal.

Here there is the score! Download it here

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