“An der schönen blauen Donau” (The Blue Danube) waltz sheet music – J. Strauss – Op.314

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Johann Jr. Strauss

Johann Jr. Strauss

When I think of Johann jr. Strauss I hear resound with my mind a flowing, sensual, gloomy and charming music, awaking romantic thoughts in my soul. So I see a couple of embraced dancers at waltz step. Hence my choice about the piece on “the Blue Danube”, considered the King of Waltzes. It was composed during the autumn of 1866 and consisted of four sections only, plus a brief coda with no introductions. Afterwards it was completed with piano and orchestra accompaniment in the fifth section of the famous introduction thought out on the occasion of its premiere on 15th February 1867 in Vienna. Later on, the work met with such a great success among people that the composer Johannes Brahms, Strauss jr. friend and admirer, wrote “unfortunately not by Johannes Brahms” under the waltz notes. Thank you Johann jr for setting yourself against your father who wanted you to become bank clerk.

Here is op.314 free sheet music if you want to play it: click here



A good execution of this work in the video here below.

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